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Financing – Grants and Discounts

At viennAventura, both our individual training and small-group courses can be funded by AMS, WAFF, Caritas etc. We will gladly advise you regarding the various options.

viennAventura also gives discounts for bulk bookings like our Duo or Trio bookings. Those of you who have more flexibility regarding course timing can also take advantage of our Early Bird or Last Minute special offers.

Make an appointment for a
non-binding and free initial consultation with an assessment test

If you are not able to attend a small-group course, or you are not sure which of our programmes you should choose, we would be very happy to advise you, anytime:

Welcome to Vienna!

Can you speak German? Do you understand „Austrian“?

Come along to Filgraderhof! Located in the heart of the sixth district, also known as „Mariahilf“, viennAventura is a language school and cultural institute that focuses on teaching German as a foreign language.

Here you will meet open-minded and understanding language experts with rich and diverse educational backgrounds, who will help you learn to enjoy the German language and appreciate Austrian culture! In this way, you will reach your language goals as quickly as possible, within a relaxed yet professional environment.

Every person is unique, and you may feel that your individual needs, learning goals and wishes have not been fulfilled or have perhaps even been neglected, throughout your “German career” so far. The areas where you still make mistakes today are the areas where something is still missing …

viennAventura focuses on the latest discoveries in learning and memory research to offer you the opportunity to focus on and separately train the individual language skills according to your needs (speaking and pronunciation, writing, grammar, listening and reading comprehension) so that you end up feeling confident in every area.

We will find a solution!

Your success is our success!

Successful people prepare for success and surround themselves with other people who will help them and support them along their path to success.

Our clients come from all over the world and are mostly highly-qualified. They include doctors, consultants, hydrologists, engineers, teachers, nurses, lawyers, literary scholars, kindergarten teachers, psychotherapists, social workers, environmental technologists and dentists.
Maybe you would like to add your profession to this list?

Your Personalised Learning Program

The viennAventura-Trainer

As soon as you make a decision to go with viennAventura, you will have a dedicated trainer alongside you, who will clarify your learning goals with you and set out a clear schedule to reach these goals. Your trainer is a language expert, your contact person and motivational trainer all-in-one, who will make sure that you have all the right tools at your disposal to develop the right skills and reach your goals.

The Plan

We develop and put together an individual, personalised, realistic and achievable Study Plan for every one of our students. Every single course unit you book with us (whether as individual training or in a small-group) is fully documented and assessed by us before and after, in order to monitor progress and make adjustments where necessary. Even if you choose to take a break for a while, your Study Plan is always available, so that whenever you decide to come back and continue your training, we only need to have a short discussion before we can just carry on where we previously stopped.

The Content

viennAventura trains you using teaching and training materials based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) in all key language skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening), in addition to specific content that you personally want and need for your life in Vienna. We place a strong emphasis on improving your speaking technique and your listening comprehension, both areas which may well have been lacking in your German studies so far.  You will soon be able to express yourself more clearly in a wide range of situations and even understand local Austrian dialect better, if that is something you want to learn.

The Learning Environment

You want to be successful. We want you to be successful. That is the foundation of our working partnership. We can only put our plans into practice when we learn from each other and really understand each other. At viennAventura you will be in a place where respect, humour and vitality come together. We value foreign and unique cultures.

viennAventura specialises in job-specific language training
and in
needs-focused and goal-oriented language coaching
either through
individual training or small-group courses.

We will also gladly help you understand Viennese dialect better!

Please understand that we can only put together a programme and present our offer to you, after we have had the opportunity to meet you to evaluate your current language proficiency.